a modern && fresh take on alchemy

JEW && WITCH kits are carefully curated to provide toolsets and accessible knowledge to anyone interested in harnessing their spiritual power and reaching beyond reality's horizon.
embark on a stimulating quest for self-realization and enlightenment through a contemporary interpretation of ancient rituals and magickal games. our unique approach combines the wisdom of the kabbalah with several historical sorcery schools for a genuinely transformative journey. 


about the author

JEW && WITCH is advised by renowned astrophysicist, engineer, and artist dr. marina della torre von steinkirch, phd (aka bt3gl), a non-orthodox jewish-witch and triple citizen (european, american, and brazilian) who, for over a decade and as a hobby, has been scientifically researching the cryptography of western astrology, alchemy, and magick - while practicing hermitism and stoicism.
* JEW && WITCH is maintained by midsumm3r's fellows, and the proceeds are used to support this community.